How to Disable Notifications in Windows 10

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Hello everybody, This is Tanweer. Today I will guide about Settings of Notification and Action Centre to take control on Windows 10. By default, Windows 10 allows you to keep track of notifications from various parts of the operating system, email, apps and other areas, but sometimes Windows 10 Apps can interrupt you with notifications. Here I will guide you  to take control or Disable of these unwanted Notification pop-ups and sounds so they do not become a distraction.



Er Md Tanweer Alam

Er Md Tanweer Alam, He is an eminent Computer Technology Researcher, and is an active contributor to online user communities revolving around Computer Technology. He has presented many training, seminar and workshop programs on Ethical Hacking, Programming Languages, Software Development, Web Designing and Devlopment, Android Application Devlopment, Game Devlopment, Latest Technology, Career Solution, Human Training at various schools, colleges and companies. He has also developed many websites and softwares for schools, colleges, and companies according to their requirements. He is a B.Tech Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. He is a Software Engineer, Certified Programmer, Networking Expert and Computer Information Security Expert and Ethical Hacker, Certified Trainer and Educator helping companies, schools, colleges and students more effectively to improve Computers and Technology. Apart from work, he loves learning new things.

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