How to Create Dangerous Virus that can Crash Computer

Can you Imagine that Just 5 Characters can Make your COMPUTER CRASH, So i have decided to share this knowledge with you. But the first thing I have to mention is that what is a virus?

What is a virus is a very important question! A virus is a small program that gets into your computer undetected in order to cause havoc. This small software program has either been developed because the author enjoys causing disasters for other people or sometimes for monetary gains. Sometimes a virus is packaged in a file that is called a trojan virus. It is disguised as something else, and once it has gained access to your computer it then releases its intent.

If this Virus is on your COMPUTER, and you put it ON, it automatically create two instances and multiply over and over again until your enemy’s COMPUTER Crash. Actually It’s dead simple, A program just replicate itself, which again replicate itself and so on until all resources are exhausted on your COMPUTER.

Lets call the Process a Fork Bomb, A Fork Bomb creates a large number of processes very quickly and break the limitation of processes that can run on a COMPUTER.


STEP:1- Open Notepad on your PC

STEP:2- copy it from here to your Notepad


STEP:3- Then save it with a .bat extension.

When saving delete the .txt and input the File name with the .bat extension

Example:- fork.bat

STEP:4- Once anyone will do double click on this bat file, his COMPUTER WILL JAMM AND CRASH

Now you can send it to your Victim through Mail or from your Flash Drive to his PC and then once he hit the File, HIS COMPUTER WILL JAMM AND CRASH

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